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Eating Well on Less. The idea.

My goals for 2014 are simple this year.  Sort my finances and lose weight (well more specifically be healthier). Last year I started monitoring my spending and I consider myself to live a frugally happy life.  For those of you who don’t know my meaning of this it’s spending money and time on those things that are really important and special to me.  I do not do cheap and nasty and I do not intend to miss out on things I really want and love.  However through writing my spending down over a few months last year (admittedly some times I forgot), I became quite shockingly aware of how much I was spending on food.  The rough amount I thought I spent of around £50 a week for my son and I was way off.  

I’d been wearing those rose coloured glasses I bought in that perfect world.  Needless to say I was very shocked at just how much I was really spending.  One week I spent nearly £200.  No special events, no extravagant meals, I have no idea what happened and I certainly didn’t get to the end of the week and think “Wow, that was a wonderful week of delicious meals that we really enjoyed.”

£200 of my hard earned money on food that I couldn’t even remember being at all special.  😦

I know exactly what’s been happening.  I’d go and do my weekly shop and think “That’s okay.  I’ve only spent…” but then I’d call in for milk or bread or pack up supplies during the week and come out with those special offers that were too good to miss, a chocolate bar each for me and JM which we really didn’t need (no good for my waistline or my son’s behaviour).

This is a stark contrast to the way I spend in all other areas of my life which goes pretty much like this:

If I don’t absolutely love it or need it then I don’t buy it.                                                                                          It’s really very simple and I love this way of living. 

So tonight I’ve been looking around the internet to find ways to eat well on less.  To be honest I’ve not been inspired.  I’m certainly not ready for chickpea spread sandwiches.  No offence if you love these but they don’t inspire me one little bit.

There has to be a better way to eat well on less.

I’ve been away for Christmas and New Year and have just returned home today.  I’ve got a few things in the cupboards such as tins of baked beans, tinned fruit, a couple of tins of soup and some packet mixes (soup, sauces) and I’ve got a half full normal sized freezer full of bits and bobs.  Some cheese and orange juice in the fridge, a few bits of fruit and veg.  Normally I’d just go out and do a “Big shop”.  If I’m being totally honest I’d made a shopping list.  At a rough guess it would have been about £90 maybe even more.

Then I stopped and had one of those “THIS IS CRAZZZZY!!!!” moments.

Tomorrow I’m going to the local co-op and buying milk, a bottle of cordial, bread, a few more vegetables and fruit.  I’m going in with £10 so that I’m not tempted.

It’s Friday evening now and I like to do my weekly shop on a Monday, so I’ll just buy enough to last the weekend.  And as JM starts back to school on Tuesday this works out great for the pack ups.

I’ve also come up with a nifty idea (well at least I like it) to stop me  running out of pack up.  I’m going to make up Snack packs for each day, bag them up and seal them so that I just need to add a piece of fruit and a sandwich each day.

Before I go shopping on Monday I’m going to do a stock take of all the food and drink I have and plan our meals for the week.

I’m setting myself a budget of £30 for the week and see if I can stick to it.  My cupboards etc, with be pretty much bare so this is going to be a real challenge for me and I don’t intend to eat food I don’t like or that I consider to be unhealthy.  I’m not a fan of ready meals but by the same token I’m far from the worlds greatest cook.  I like fairly simple food without too much fuss.

I’d love you to join in with me and see if you can eat well on less.

I’d love you to let me know roughly how much you think you’ve been spending on food each week and if you want to have a go at eating for less allowing £15 per person in your family then please let me know.

I have no idea how this is going to go right now but I’m planning on giving it a shot.  I’m focusing on spending wisely on good food rather than cheap convenience.

You can sign up for my blog by email to keep track of how I’m doing if you want to join in.  See the box to the side (right).  Please feel free to share your own tips and ideas and most importantly just let me know if your joining me on my quest to eat well on less.

Best wishes