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Snow and Warming Meals

Well the snow is coming down and the wind is blowing.  I’ve just looked out across the road and I can’t even see the house opposite.  So yes I’ve got the heating  on (fairly low).  I’ve got nice warm clothes on too.

I really thought this cold weather was behind us and we were in for some nice Spring weather.

So I’ll be making a nice winter warmer for tea tonight.  I was thinking Corned Beef Hash.  My son loves it.

My Corned Beef Hash Recipe

Take a big pan and half fill with water

Put it onto boil


2 chopped onions

A load of diced carrots

A load of chopped potatoes

Place the lid on the pan and once up to boiling reduce the heat and simmer gently until the veg starts to soften.

Add 2/3 tablespoons of gravy granules (or similar)

Once the veg is nice and soft add 2 tins of corned beef cut into chunks (I like them left fairly big)

Heat gently for a further 5 minuted and stir very gently to avoid breaking up the corned beef too much.

Serve alone, with bread or with pastry shapes.


This recipe is great for warming you up on cold days.


I always make plenty so that I can put some in the freezer for busy nights.

What meals do you like on a cold day?