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Can I feed my family on £15 a week per person?

Okay here’s my summary of the week.  Whilst yes I do believe I could l feed each member of my family for £15 for the week, especially over a period of time.  I really didn’t enjoy this experience at all.  I did let you know I’m not the best cook, nor am I the most adventurous cook or eater.

I felt restricted and I also didn’t feel we had enough fruit.  Both my son and I love fruit so I always want to make sure we have enough.

I ended up going shopping again on Friday and buying lots of fruit and a few treats (not so unhealthy) like Palma ham and melon.  It’s not the cheapest but it’s a favourite.

So my verdict is yes.  If I had to, I think I could definitely feed my son and I for a week on £30 a week for food.   I don’t want to though and thankfully I don’t have to.  I do know that many families across the UK and worldwide do need to do this though.  So PLEASE do share your eating well on less meal tips below in the comments.  These will prove to be highly valuable over time.

As for me this experiment has been an eye opener.  I do feel I waste money on food and also waste food.  Also with a view to being healthier in 2014 I do need to make some better choices.  So my new plan of action is to ask the following questions as I shop for food.

Do I love it?

Do I need it?

Will it help me achieve my goal of eating a healthier diet?

For me I think this will prove to be a more effective way of shopping.  When I read about living a minimalistic life, the same thing is repeating over and over (maybe in different words).  ~ Only allow it into your life if you really want it.  This is also a match for living a law of attraction life too.  Both of which are highly important to me.

So my week of eating well on less didn’t go as planned but was it wasted time?  Absolutely not because it made me focus on how I’ve been spending on food, what I’ve actually been buying and what changes I still want to make to improve my life and my son’s.

Please share your ideas for eating well on less and conscious living below.