Old shopping habit needs a change.

Seriously I do some weird stuff but then I think most of us do.Old habits don't always make sense.

I heard a story the other day about a young girl who was cooking with her mother.  They were cooking a joint of meat and the mother cut off the ends of the meat before placing it into the pan.  The child asked “Why do you cut the ends off the meat before you cut it?”  The mother replied, “I don’t really know, ask your Grandmother, I learnt it from cooking with her.”  So the young girl went to her Grandmother and asked “Why do you cut the ends off the meat before cooking it Grandmother?” The Grandmother said “I’m not sure why we do that, you need to ask your great Grandmother, she was the one I learned that from.”  So off the young girl went to find her great Grandmother and when she asked the same question, her great Grandmother said “Well I don’t know why my daughter and your mother do it but I did it because the pan was too small.”

I’m CRAZY!!! Old Habit’s Don’t Always Make Sense.

We do stupid thing without questioning why.  Well I do anyway.

So if you do something and don’t know why you do it, question it!!!

Anyway  I wanted to share with you about a stupid shopping habit I have.  It’s seriously crazy and I never realized before.

Recently I bought some expensive hair shampoo and conditioner.  It’s not the sort I want to use daily as it’s more for when I want to straighten my hair.  So the other day I’m getting ready to wash my hair.  You know that one eye open trying not to get water in in time and I’m searching through my MANY shampoo’s and not one conditioner (other than my expensive one that I didn’t want to use).

Honestly there were loads.  I stopped counting at 10.  WHY?  Why do I have all of these shampoo’s and no conditioner

SO let me tell you about my crazy hair.  It’s mad crazy curly and it loves conditioner.  I’ll often skip the shampoo and just add conditioner.  Yet I always buy 1 shampoo and 1 conditioner?????


Do you have any habits like this?  Share them below if you do.  I don’t want to be alone 😦 in my craziness.

Now for something fun.

I couldn’t find a picture of anyone washing their hair so I thought I’d share this one with you instead>>>

Awe, he’s so cute isn’t he?

And this, just because it makes me and my son laugh every time we see it >>>


That’s all friends, catch you next time.

Love, Ya’ll

Wendy x


I like this idea of a Minimalist Lifestyle

I downloaded Miss Minimalist on Kindle for an amazing £0.77 Now that’s what I call great value.  I have to admit I wasn’t really expecting that much.  I downloaded the sample first and enjoyed it, so for this price I thought it was worth it.  I’m so pleased I did, it was really good reading and it really inspired me.

I have to admit I’m a bit of a clutter bug.  It’s not that I have loads of stuff, it’s just that the stuff I have doesn’t usually live where it’s supposed to and then my home feels and looks cluttered which in turn tends to clutter my mind too.

Reading this book and about how the author Francine Jay had made minimalist living a way of life has helped me to see how I can effectively de-clutter my own life and keep it that way.

It’s not about having sleek white walls and nothing in your sterile home to show anyone actually exists there.  It’s about getting really clear about what you really want and only allowing the things you really want into your home (life).

As a law of attraction coach I spend hours a week helping people to get clear about what they want and so it makes sense to follow this way of living with my home.

From now on, if I don’t absolutely love it or it will genuinely add value to my life or my son’s life then it’s not coming in.

Simple Happiness

My idea of a happy life.

I want to live and enjoy a simple life and I want to pass my values onto my son by showing rather than preaching.

I want to enjoy simple pleasures such as a walk in nature, listening to birds sing (even if it is the dawn chorus at 5.45am, watching my child play, reading, spending time with family and friends.

I want to drop out of the consumer rat trap.  I don’t want to be a buy it, buy it, buy it persona and I certainly don’t want my son to be either.  I want to buy something only because I genuinely need it or it will give me real pleasure and add value to my life. 

I want my mind and life to be clutter free so that I have space to live and think.

I want to feel free to enjoy my life ALWAYS

I want my son to know that he is important for who he is and not the things he owns. 

I want to be aware of the impact I have on our planet and aim to reduce the negative impact I create.

I want to live healthily and feel full of life everyday.

I want to have time for … whatever I want even if that’s sitting looking out of my window or daydreaming.  Yes I’m a big fan of daydreaming.

I want to go to bed every night feeling positive about my life and the way I raise my son.

"Lady Relaxing At Beach" by Meawpong3405

“Lady Relaxing At Beach” by Meawpong3405

I still want those luxuries too.

Somebody asked me want I still want today and this is what I said:

I want to live in a beautiful family house with a big enclosed garden, find and marry the love of my life, watch my son grow up into the wonderful man I know he will be, have a dog and a pig (yes I love pigs) and go to Florida again before my son gets much older.

There are other things I want in life too these are a few of the most important things.  I can live quite happily without the very latest gadgets, TV’s, Phones, flashiest cars etc.  They are not (for me) things that make me happy.  Now I’m not in any way condemning you if you have a passion for cars, phones etc.  It’s just not for me personally.

That’s what I’m aiming for.

Best wishes

Wendy x