Online shopping v’s in store shopping to save money


save money

In-store or online shopping to save money

I’ve been using online shopping now for around 6 months and overall I have definitely saved money.


I normally do a weekly online order to be delivered on a Tuesday.  I plan our family meals and pack ups, check the cupboards and make a list throughout the week of things I need.

Pro’s of online shopping

I’m a creature of habit so I tend to buy mostly the same things week in and week out.  So I can go through my shopping list items and just add the things I need without getting distracted.

I definitely find when I online shop weekly I last the whole week without running out of things like pack up supplies.

I stick to a weekly shopping budget and using the online shopping service means if I get to the checkout and I’ve spent too much, I can take off some of the items.

Whilst I pay £3 a month for delivery.  I save more than this in petrol money.

What I prefer about in-store shopping

I do enjoy walking the isles of the supermarket and picking out different things for meals, however I can quickly end up with a shopping bill twice the amount of my weekly budget.

Reduced items.  There’s no doubt about it.  With online shopping you miss these fantastic deals.  Just the other day I popped into my local co-op and picked up a good sized bag of Pink Lady apples for 50 pence.  I’ve often paid £3 for 4 in the past (they are my favourite).

Now anyone can see that’s a big saving.  So what I try to do is pop in when I’m passing and check the reduced area and any offers.  And try not to get sucked into looking around for yummy treats too often.

The downside to in-store shopping

Definitely the distractions.  I nearly always end up buying more than I went in for.

I also find for me personally, I run out more when I in-store shop, even if I take a list.

It also takes more time when I could be working.

And if I went after work with my son, well, I definitely end up with more than I went in for.

Which do you prefer?  Please share your tips below.






Old shopping habit needs a change.

Seriously I do some weird stuff but then I think most of us do.Old habits don't always make sense.

I heard a story the other day about a young girl who was cooking with her mother.  They were cooking a joint of meat and the mother cut off the ends of the meat before placing it into the pan.  The child asked “Why do you cut the ends off the meat before you cut it?”  The mother replied, “I don’t really know, ask your Grandmother, I learnt it from cooking with her.”  So the young girl went to her Grandmother and asked “Why do you cut the ends off the meat before cooking it Grandmother?” The Grandmother said “I’m not sure why we do that, you need to ask your great Grandmother, she was the one I learned that from.”  So off the young girl went to find her great Grandmother and when she asked the same question, her great Grandmother said “Well I don’t know why my daughter and your mother do it but I did it because the pan was too small.”

I’m CRAZY!!! Old Habit’s Don’t Always Make Sense.

We do stupid thing without questioning why.  Well I do anyway.

So if you do something and don’t know why you do it, question it!!!

Anyway  I wanted to share with you about a stupid shopping habit I have.  It’s seriously crazy and I never realized before.

Recently I bought some expensive hair shampoo and conditioner.  It’s not the sort I want to use daily as it’s more for when I want to straighten my hair.  So the other day I’m getting ready to wash my hair.  You know that one eye open trying not to get water in in time and I’m searching through my MANY shampoo’s and not one conditioner (other than my expensive one that I didn’t want to use).

Honestly there were loads.  I stopped counting at 10.  WHY?  Why do I have all of these shampoo’s and no conditioner

SO let me tell you about my crazy hair.  It’s mad crazy curly and it loves conditioner.  I’ll often skip the shampoo and just add conditioner.  Yet I always buy 1 shampoo and 1 conditioner?????


Do you have any habits like this?  Share them below if you do.  I don’t want to be alone 😦 in my craziness.

Now for something fun.

I couldn’t find a picture of anyone washing their hair so I thought I’d share this one with you instead>>>

Awe, he’s so cute isn’t he?

And this, just because it makes me and my son laugh every time we see it >>>


That’s all friends, catch you next time.

Love, Ya’ll

Wendy x

The magic of online shopping.

Okay I admit it, the introduction of the new £3 a month midweek delivery from Tesco I couldn’t resist giving online shopping a go.

In an ideal world I’d shop in local shops and buy local produce but honestly, I find I spend so much more money. So I’m still conscious as to where my produce comes from but I’m telling you I LOVE getting my groceries delivered and I’m saving loads of money, seriously I am!

Apart from a few hiccups with my first couple of order this is working out great for me.

Week one. I ended up with 3 packs of bananas for 2 of us????
Week two. I pack of keep me bananas (the green ones) and 1 loose banana.

Yes I have banana issues.

Week three was a total success and I stayed completely on budget. £60 for the week and that includes toiletries, cleaning stuff and a few treats.

I get it delivered to my door. I have a small supermarket with slightly higher prices just a mile from me but to do a bigger tesco shop it’s 7 miles each way. Can’t do that 4-5 times a month for £3!

Plus because I’m not trailing around a busy supermarket with my son who’s usually tired by the time that would happen (after school).

I can sit on my own sofa with a nice cup of tea and shop to my hearts content. I can check out the best offers and double check I have what I need for the week. It’s fab.

I’ve got into a nice routine of ordering on a Sunday evening for Tuesday delivery. And if I forget anything I can still add it up until late Monday night.

I tried doing a big monthly shop and ended up always running out and nipping to the supermarket for top ups. Doing my weekly shops and looking out for great offers on the stuff I use regularly and can keep is working out brilliantly for me.

I’d really love to hear from you. Have you tried online grocery shopping? Also I’d love to hear what works for you. Do you do weekly shopping, buy as you want it or a big monthly shop.

Remember frugal happiness is never about missing out, it’s about getting the best for less.

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