Eat well on less ~ Planning

Tomorrow is shopping day and the first day of my week of eating well for less. Whether you’re feeding your family on a budget or want to keep a better track of what you eat, I’d love you to join in with me on this week of ‘Eating Well For Less.’  At this stage I have absolutely no idea how this week will go but after searching online and to be quite honest not being inspired by the often weird food ideas that were offered on a budget, I decided to jump in and give it a go myself.

I consider myself to be an average mum food wise. I don’t do major junk food but by the same token fishfingers do appear on my weekly menu and yes my son does take a bag of crisps to school with him each day.

Now I must point out that my goal here is not to become the world’s best or healthiest cook but instead eat a reasonably good, balanced diet on less. £15 per week to be precise.

I like meat with our evening meals most nights, breakfasts are usually cereal (hot or cold), toast, (eggs or beans) and orange juice. My son takes a snack pack (small pack up) to school with him and I usually have something like soup, salad or sandwiches for lunch. We like plenty of fruit and plenty of veg.

So here’s the plan

1. Allow £15 per person in the family. So for my son and I that’s £30 for the week.

2. Shop once only. As I have already worked out that my midweek top ups are what cause my big overspending.

3. Plan meals for the week and go armed with a shopping list.

4. Use up anything left in the cupboards, fridge freezer (Which I can tell you are looking pretty empty.

I think that’s it. I’ve never done this before so here goes.

Breakfast supplies

Weetabix, milk, orange juice, bread, eggs. I have beans in the cupboard.


Homemade veg soup. I have access to a few free veggies (my uncle grows them)

Main meals

Chicken (2 nights)
Burgers (high quality from the local butcher not cheap and nasty ones)
Shepherd pie (will last 2 nights)
Fish fingers
Small joint of meat??? See what’s on offer at butchers.

Pack ups
Mini bread sticks
Fruit/veg sticks

Brazil nuts
Veg sticks
Plain biscuits


Shopping list
Milk x3
Bread x3
Orange Juice
2 large or 4 small chicken breasts
2 burgers
Small join of meat
Brazil nuts
Plain biscuits

Okay I know this is a slightly vague meal plan and shopping list but as I’ve never done this before I’m going to have to “Wing it” as I go along. I do have some of the things I need and I can get quite a bit of veg for free so I’m making the most of that.

I’m going with £30 so that I can’t overspend. So I realistically have no idea what I will actually come home with.

Please do let me know if you’re going to have a go too.

I’ll let you know how I get on tomorrow.


Making A Difference

I’m so impressed.  I spent the afternoon with my sister on Saturday and she told me that she’s been more aware of how much she uses kitchen roll and has been cutting back.  So I’m delighted that just by talking to others about my ideas I am helping to save money and make a difference (all be it small) to our planet as that’s at least 26 kitchen rolls not being used, plus the packaging and transportation.   Now I know they will still be made and transported but imagine what would happen if everyone who read this blog stopped using kitchen roll and everyone they told about the saving and help to the planet stopped too and everyone they told stopped…. well we’d end up without a need to produce kitchen roll at all.   Wow now that would be something wouldn’t it?

Please let me know if you are cutting back or not using kitchen roll, either because of reading my blog or any other reason.  I’d love to hear from you.

As a law of attraction practitioner I knew it was going to be a bit risky publicly stating I am starting my Frugal Happiness life.  Many people see the law of attraction as ABUNDANCE and Frugal living as LACK.  Each person is different and each person wants a different life.  I know that my ideal life is sometimes very different to the life my clients want to attract and that’s great.  We are all different.

For me I value time with the people I love (Abundance of love and time)

I love to read (abundance of wonderful books to read and an abundance of wonderful writers)

I love my imagination (Abundance of ideas)

I love having money for the things I really love in life (Abundance of Money)

Well I could keep going with this list.

Yes I love having money, what I’m not so keep on is when I realize I’ve wasted money on mindless things that add no value or enjoyment to my life.

I have always been passionate about providing law of attraction resources/coaching for people who on a tight budget.  My ebooks are under £5.00 and sometimes I even do free day promotions and my coaching course are currently £47.00 for a full one to one email courses.

I’ve been told many times that my prices are far too low but that’s my choice.  I know people with the same qualifications and experience (if not less) than myself who charge thousands for a days work.  I could do the same.  Hire someone to design a wow website  that’s all singing a dancing (the fee for this would then need to be added to my clients fees).  I could target people who already have lots of money and charge super high prices.  This was never what I wanted though.

I want to share the law of attraction with as many people as possible to help people create the life they want.  A huge bonus to this is that I get to raise the vibrations of the whole planet along the way and hopefully those people will go on to help others too.

So this is the question I ask myself.

How many hours do I want to work?

How much can I expect to earn in those hours?

This gives me my average hourly rate.

So when I buy something I can ask “How many hours do I need to work to pay for this?”

When you do this, even for just a few days it’s amazing how many things you realize you don’t really want.


Well that’s all from me for today.  I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to let me know if you’re stopping using kitchen roll with me.

Bets wishes


My first week of frugal living

Okay well it’s not really my first week of frugal living, it’s just my first week of writing about it. I hope you enjoy my posts and I hope they help you become frugally happy.

So why did I decide to start this blog.  Well it all started with a book called Your Money or Your Life It’s really a book about becoming financially independent.  A friend recommended it on one of her blog posts and as I love to read I downloaded it.

The book really had me focus on what I spent money on and why.  I realized I was spending quite a bit of money on things I really didn’t need and didn’t really want.  I’ve called this mindless buying.

Reading the book made me ask “Do I really want this?”

Now I’m a Law of Attraction Practitioner and I work teaching people to get clear about what they want in order to create the life they really want.  I suddenly realized I was spending quite a bit of my money on things that no way added to my ideal life that I am creating.

So here’s what frugal living means to me.  It means I only buy things I really need or really want and when I do buy, I buy exactly what I want and then use it wisely and love it.

This week I am focusing on Kitchen Roll and Toilet Roll.

Kitchen Roll

Wow, after just half a month of writing everything down that I spend money on and keeping an eye on things like my grocery bills I have realized I get through approximately 2 Kitchen rolls a week which I have been buying usually in packs of 4 at £2.50 per pack of 4.  So that pack will last me 2 weeks.

This means I buy on average 26 packs a year @ £2.50

26 X £2.50 = £65

That’s £65 a year just on kitchen roll and here’s what I use it for.

  • When I chop fruit I use kitchen roll to put the peel on and then throw into the bin.
  • I do the same with some veg too
  • Wipe up spills
  • Wipe dirty faces

I’m sure as time goes by I’ll realize I use it for more ridiculous jobs too.

I have bowls and cutting boards to catch the fruit and veg peelings, I have rags/cloths to wipe up spills and flannels to clean faces.

Estimated saving for the year £65.00.  I think it’s well worth the effort and it’s good for the environment too.

Toilet rolls

My little bit of luxury.  Just to prove that frugal living isn’t about scrimping and saving or cheap and nasty I wanted to add this to my first post.

I believe 100% it is worth buying good quality toilet roll.  My mum bought some cheap toilet roll a few weeks ago and it was 1 sheet thick and you could almost see through it.  You ended up using twice as much if not more and no savings.

Personally I buy quilted toilet rolls, though I find non brand versions just as good as higher priced versions. I use less and it is so much nicer to use.

No saving here but a good buy all the same.  And lets face it we really do need toilet roll so we may as well buy the ones that do the job well.

That’s all for today.  I’d love you to hear from you, please leave your comments about today’s post below.

Happy living.