Eat Well on Less ~ Shopping

Okay this was the plan ~ Go shopping with my list and £30.

Well as often happens in real life with kids our day turned out to be slightly hectic.  So our calm shopping trip turned out to be a rush job.

‘So did I stick to my £30 budget?

Well that’s a big fat NOPE!!!

In fact I spent £56.  Pretty disastrous.  Or so it first appeared but stick with me and I will hopefully redeem myself slightly.

So what went wrong?

3 things really.

1st I took my son with me and that’s never a great idea.

2nd I didn’t (as planned) go with cash to avoid overspending.

3rd I gave in to those buy 3 for … offers.  However as you’ll see as you read on I’d actually quite pleased with this.

So let’s have a look at what happened.  

Firstly not all of the £56 went on food.  I knew I had cleaning products, toilet roll etc to buy too.

Secondly I’ve bought more of some things than I will use in 1 week.

I have enough chicken, orange juice, water, weetabix and milk to last at least 2 weeks.  I buy Cravendale milk which is good in the fridge until the 20th January and lasts a week once opened.

I have to say I was pretty annoyed with myself for my lack of control when I got home.  Then I took a deep breath and sat down with my bill.  I worked out what I’d be using this week.

The total came to £24.15 Not at all bad when it’s broken down.

I don’t have eggs (I buy them from the local garden center) These are £1.15 for 6 and I’ll need to buy apples and bananas still as the fruit shelves were a bit sparse.

So although I actually overspent on the day, I’m pleased that I was much more conscious of what I was buying and I have food to last me a good couple of weeks.  I will need to top up next week with fruit and veg again but this is certainly an improvement.

Our meals for today

Breakfast ~ Cereal, milk and orange juice

Lunch ~ Chicken and noodle soup with bread

Evening meal ~ Gammon, baked potatoes and beans (JM had leftover Christmas biscuits for pudding)

Snacks ~ Fruit

No pack up today as school only starts tomorrow.


I’ll keep a track of my weeks meals and post them at the end of the week.

Please let me know if you succeeded with the £15 per person food shopping?  Also please share you tips for eating well on less.



Snow and Warming Meals

Well the snow is coming down and the wind is blowing.  I’ve just looked out across the road and I can’t even see the house opposite.  So yes I’ve got the heating  on (fairly low).  I’ve got nice warm clothes on too.

I really thought this cold weather was behind us and we were in for some nice Spring weather.

So I’ll be making a nice winter warmer for tea tonight.  I was thinking Corned Beef Hash.  My son loves it.

My Corned Beef Hash Recipe

Take a big pan and half fill with water

Put it onto boil


2 chopped onions

A load of diced carrots

A load of chopped potatoes

Place the lid on the pan and once up to boiling reduce the heat and simmer gently until the veg starts to soften.

Add 2/3 tablespoons of gravy granules (or similar)

Once the veg is nice and soft add 2 tins of corned beef cut into chunks (I like them left fairly big)

Heat gently for a further 5 minuted and stir very gently to avoid breaking up the corned beef too much.

Serve alone, with bread or with pastry shapes.


This recipe is great for warming you up on cold days.


I always make plenty so that I can put some in the freezer for busy nights.

What meals do you like on a cold day?

What happens if you don’t have enough to feed your children?

Dear readers, I am re-posting this from my Law of Attraction Blog.  I am saddened to think that any parent is ever in a position where they are unable to provide enough food for their children.  Please share this post to help others and please share your comments and advice below to help in this situation.  Thank you.

What if you have no money for food?

Wendy Tomlinson: Posted on 08 March 2013 11:32
As you will know if you have been following this blog I have recently set up a new blog calledFrugal Happiness.  My journey of Frugal Living comes from a desire to reduce waste in my life and live a life spending my time and money wisely for maximum happiness.  However I have become aware of so many people who are forced into this life through a lack of money.
I was very moved today to hear from a lady who told me that she was often unable to feed her children through the day until the evening meal.  This lady was from a developed country where we expect that we all have enough money to feed our families.  Yet, I feel that more and more this is becoming a reality for many people.
I wanted to put together a post today to focus on attracting healthy food for our families.
Write this down ~ I can always provide plenty of healthy food for my family to enjoy.
Say it out loud ~ I can always provide plenty of healthy food for my family to enjoy.
Repeat it, repeat it, repeat it… Use this as a mantra.  Say it as often as you can (I’m talking 100’s of times a day for a minimum of 30 days)
See it ~  Imagine looking in your cupboards and seeing lots of food for good and healthy family meals
Imagine providing breakfast, lunch and tea (your evening meal)
Imagine your family enjoying the food and see how strong and healthy everyone looks.
Do this everyday, as often as you can.  
Think about your beliefs.
Do you have a belief that tells you food is hard to come by, money is hard to come by? This is not a fact it is a belief.  Understand that your beliefs keep you where you are.  You have as much power as anyone else to create the life you want and you certainly deserve to have enough food for your family.  
This is a video by Brad Yates
He is an EFT master and his videos are free.  EFT is a powerful technique to help release negative beliefs. 

Watch the video often and tap along, also take a look at the other videos and pick out ones that resonate with you.
Gratitude is a super power emotion and when we spend time really feeling grateful we are in a natural state where we attract more to be grateful for.
Feel grateful for every single meal you can provide for your family, feel grateful for all the food you can buy and all the food you are given.  

I really hope this post helps you if you are currently in this situation.  I would really like to hear from you.  Please leave your comments below.  
My very best wishes for you all, Wendy x

Living with no money?

I’ve just been reading The Moneyless Man by Mark Boyle.

In the book the author Mark Boyle takes us with him on his year of freeconomic living.  Now whilst I have no intentions of giving up money I did find the book really interesting.

It’s another book that really made me ask the question “Do we really need all of this stuff to be happy?”

Now I love the security of having a nice safe and warm home to live in and the luxury of running water and a flushing toilet, all of which Mark went without during his year of Freeconomic living and I have no desire to give up these things, but for me this comes back to the amount of stuff we waste.

I have long believed we are now living in a throw-away country.  If we’ve had it a while and something new has come out, we throw it away and get the newer model regardless of whether we need it or not.

One useful resource Mark mentions in the book is this is the UK group but if you click on the link you will see that there are links to other countries around the world. Using FreeCycle you can offer things you no longer want for free or if there is something you want you can request it.  EVERYTHING MUST BE FREE.

Couple Moving Sofa Stock Photo

I think this is a fantastic idea.  So even if you are someone who wants to update regularly you can still do your bit by letting someone else have your old things for free.  You keep your things out of land fills and you help someone else out.  It’s a win win game as far as I’m concerned.

So the next time you have something you don’t want anymore or if there’s something you need head to FreeCycle. 

Anyway back to the book.  I want to hear from you.  Have you read the book?  What do you think?  Could you live without money?  Would you want to give it a go?

I suppose the answer for me would be ~ Yes I could if I really had to, No I don’t want to and yes I will be more aware of waste.


Could you live without a car?

I’m just listening to an interesting conversation on the radio about whether you can manage without a car. I have to admit I use my car most days. I live in a village in the country and to be honest the idea of myself and my son biking everywhere is frightening. I used to go on lovely bike rides when I was a child but I find that cars are less respectful these days.

It’s a call in show and it seems that most of the people who manage without a car live in towns or cities.  I can certainly see that this would be easier.

I put my hands up.  I love my car and the convenience it provides.

What are your thoughts?

Could you live without a car?

Do you already live without a car?


Making A Difference

I’m so impressed.  I spent the afternoon with my sister on Saturday and she told me that she’s been more aware of how much she uses kitchen roll and has been cutting back.  So I’m delighted that just by talking to others about my ideas I am helping to save money and make a difference (all be it small) to our planet as that’s at least 26 kitchen rolls not being used, plus the packaging and transportation.   Now I know they will still be made and transported but imagine what would happen if everyone who read this blog stopped using kitchen roll and everyone they told about the saving and help to the planet stopped too and everyone they told stopped…. well we’d end up without a need to produce kitchen roll at all.   Wow now that would be something wouldn’t it?

Please let me know if you are cutting back or not using kitchen roll, either because of reading my blog or any other reason.  I’d love to hear from you.

As a law of attraction practitioner I knew it was going to be a bit risky publicly stating I am starting my Frugal Happiness life.  Many people see the law of attraction as ABUNDANCE and Frugal living as LACK.  Each person is different and each person wants a different life.  I know that my ideal life is sometimes very different to the life my clients want to attract and that’s great.  We are all different.

For me I value time with the people I love (Abundance of love and time)

I love to read (abundance of wonderful books to read and an abundance of wonderful writers)

I love my imagination (Abundance of ideas)

I love having money for the things I really love in life (Abundance of Money)

Well I could keep going with this list.

Yes I love having money, what I’m not so keep on is when I realize I’ve wasted money on mindless things that add no value or enjoyment to my life.

I have always been passionate about providing law of attraction resources/coaching for people who on a tight budget.  My ebooks are under £5.00 and sometimes I even do free day promotions and my coaching course are currently £47.00 for a full one to one email courses.

I’ve been told many times that my prices are far too low but that’s my choice.  I know people with the same qualifications and experience (if not less) than myself who charge thousands for a days work.  I could do the same.  Hire someone to design a wow website  that’s all singing a dancing (the fee for this would then need to be added to my clients fees).  I could target people who already have lots of money and charge super high prices.  This was never what I wanted though.

I want to share the law of attraction with as many people as possible to help people create the life they want.  A huge bonus to this is that I get to raise the vibrations of the whole planet along the way and hopefully those people will go on to help others too.

So this is the question I ask myself.

How many hours do I want to work?

How much can I expect to earn in those hours?

This gives me my average hourly rate.

So when I buy something I can ask “How many hours do I need to work to pay for this?”

When you do this, even for just a few days it’s amazing how many things you realize you don’t really want.


Well that’s all from me for today.  I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to let me know if you’re stopping using kitchen roll with me.

Bets wishes


Kitchen Roll Success, Hot Water Bottles and Blankets

Well I’m almost at the end of my first week of Frugal Living and becoming aware of how I spend my money and my time.  My first Challenge that I’ve set myself is to reduce (massively) the amount of kitchen roll I use.  I am happy to tell you that I have only used it once this week, it was two sheets which I used to cover some hot food that I was leaving out to cool before putting it in the fridge.  I’m counting this as a big achievement.  There have been many times I’ve reached for it and then questioned myself before actually ripping off a sheet.  So considering I easily get through two full rolls in a normal week I am very pleased with my effort. From 2 rolls to two sheets.  I think that’s a pretty good start.

Just to help me on my way the Universe obviously decided I was also using far to much money on heating and decided my heating system could take  a break.  Mmm, this particular saving wasn’t really on the agenda this week (a particularly cold week).  Never the less I do have some forms of heating and whilst they are only in certain areas of my home it is still possible to keep warm.  As I write this I have a blanket over my legs and my hot water bottle snuggled up to me.  Yes I am warm enough.  Yes I will still be happy when my lovely heating system works properly again.  Yes I will think twice before flicking it on from now on. 

So far this week I have learned that I really don’t need to use kitchen roll at all and I don’t like being cold 🙂

Happy living

Hot water bottle and blankets to keep me warm

Hot water bottle and blankets to keep me warm