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Online shopping v’s in store shopping to save money


save money

In-store or online shopping to save money

I’ve been using online shopping now for around 6 months and overall I have definitely saved money.


I normally do a weekly online order to be delivered on a Tuesday.  I plan our family meals and pack ups, check the cupboards and make a list throughout the week of things I need.

Pro’s of online shopping

I’m a creature of habit so I tend to buy mostly the same things week in and week out.  So I can go through my shopping list items and just add the things I need without getting distracted.

I definitely find when I online shop weekly I last the whole week without running out of things like pack up supplies.

I stick to a weekly shopping budget and using the online shopping service means if I get to the checkout and I’ve spent too much, I can take off some of the items.

Whilst I pay £3 a month for delivery.  I save more than this in petrol money.

What I prefer about in-store shopping

I do enjoy walking the isles of the supermarket and picking out different things for meals, however I can quickly end up with a shopping bill twice the amount of my weekly budget.

Reduced items.  There’s no doubt about it.  With online shopping you miss these fantastic deals.  Just the other day I popped into my local co-op and picked up a good sized bag of Pink Lady apples for 50 pence.  I’ve often paid £3 for 4 in the past (they are my favourite).

Now anyone can see that’s a big saving.  So what I try to do is pop in when I’m passing and check the reduced area and any offers.  And try not to get sucked into looking around for yummy treats too often.

The downside to in-store shopping

Definitely the distractions.  I nearly always end up buying more than I went in for.

I also find for me personally, I run out more when I in-store shop, even if I take a list.

It also takes more time when I could be working.

And if I went after work with my son, well, I definitely end up with more than I went in for.

Which do you prefer?  Please share your tips below.