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The magic of online shopping.

Okay I admit it, the introduction of the new £3 a month midweek delivery from Tesco I couldn’t resist giving online shopping a go.

In an ideal world I’d shop in local shops and buy local produce but honestly, I find I spend so much more money. So I’m still conscious as to where my produce comes from but I’m telling you I LOVE getting my groceries delivered and I’m saving loads of money, seriously I am!

Apart from a few hiccups with my first couple of order this is working out great for me.

Week one. I ended up with 3 packs of bananas for 2 of us????
Week two. I pack of keep me bananas (the green ones) and 1 loose banana.

Yes I have banana issues.

Week three was a total success and I stayed completely on budget. £60 for the week and that includes toiletries, cleaning stuff and a few treats.

I get it delivered to my door. I have a small supermarket with slightly higher prices just a mile from me but to do a bigger tesco shop it’s 7 miles each way. Can’t do that 4-5 times a month for £3!

Plus because I’m not trailing around a busy supermarket with my son who’s usually tired by the time that would happen (after school).

I can sit on my own sofa with a nice cup of tea and shop to my hearts content. I can check out the best offers and double check I have what I need for the week. It’s fab.

I’ve got into a nice routine of ordering on a Sunday evening for Tuesday delivery. And if I forget anything I can still add it up until late Monday night.

I tried doing a big monthly shop and ended up always running out and nipping to the supermarket for top ups. Doing my weekly shops and looking out for great offers on the stuff I use regularly and can keep is working out brilliantly for me.

I’d really love to hear from you. Have you tried online grocery shopping? Also I’d love to hear what works for you. Do you do weekly shopping, buy as you want it or a big monthly shop.

Remember frugal happiness is never about missing out, it’s about getting the best for less.

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