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I like this idea of a Minimalist Lifestyle

I downloaded Miss Minimalist on Kindle for an amazing £0.77 Now that’s what I call great value.  I have to admit I wasn’t really expecting that much.  I downloaded the sample first and enjoyed it, so for this price I thought it was worth it.  I’m so pleased I did, it was really good reading and it really inspired me.

I have to admit I’m a bit of a clutter bug.  It’s not that I have loads of stuff, it’s just that the stuff I have doesn’t usually live where it’s supposed to and then my home feels and looks cluttered which in turn tends to clutter my mind too.

Reading this book and about how the author Francine Jay had made minimalist living a way of life has helped me to see how I can effectively de-clutter my own life and keep it that way.

It’s not about having sleek white walls and nothing in your sterile home to show anyone actually exists there.  It’s about getting really clear about what you really want and only allowing the things you really want into your home (life).

As a law of attraction coach I spend hours a week helping people to get clear about what they want and so it makes sense to follow this way of living with my home.

From now on, if I don’t absolutely love it or it will genuinely add value to my life or my son’s life then it’s not coming in.