Could you live without a car?

I’m just listening to an interesting conversation on the radio about whether you can manage without a car. I have to admit I use my car most days. I live in a village in the country and to be honest the idea of myself and my son biking everywhere is frightening. I used to go on lovely bike rides when I was a child but I find that cars are less respectful these days.

It’s a call in show and it seems that most of the people who manage without a car live in towns or cities.  I can certainly see that this would be easier.

I put my hands up.  I love my car and the convenience it provides.

What are your thoughts?

Could you live without a car?

Do you already live without a car?



5 thoughts on “Could you live without a car?

  1. I lived in London for about 4 years, and managed perfectly well without a car. There were times when I would have liked one when venturing further afield to visit friends etc, but more out of convenience than necessity – trains and coaches did the job fine! I’ve now moved out of London, to somewhere where the buses only run every 30 minutes, the train station is a 15 minute bus ride away – the bus always gets you to the station ages before the train is due!!! I do have to travel quite a bit with my job, so I did get a car, and its completely changed my life!! My finances have taken a bit of a hit through petrol, insurance etc, but it’s 100% worth it!!


    • Thanks for your comment Stacey. Yes, after living abroad for many years not building any no claims up the insurance for my car has really been a shock financially.

      I’d like to see better public services at a more affordable price in this country.


  2. When we lived in a big city, Chicago, we did live without a car. We took public transportation. We currently live on off a truck traveled State Route that is not pedestrian or bicycle friendly and everything is about 8 miles or further away. We need the car. I’ve been debating on whether to reduce it to 1 car, but husband doesn’t like that idea. He feels it would be bad if I had to get son from school because he was ill or something. I still toy with the idea though. 🙂


    • I agree. I’d feel very uncomfortable not having a car and being in quite an isolated area. I like to know I have the freedom to get to where I want to be when I want to get there. Also the same as you, I would always want to be able to go and collect my son from school if he was poorly etc.


  3. We could not currently do it as we live off a road that is not pedestrian or bicycle friendly and everything is about 8 or more miles away. We did, however, when living in Chicago do without a car. We took public transportation. I do toy with the idea of downsizing to 1 vehicle, but my husband is not on board with that.


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