My first week of frugal living

Okay well it’s not really my first week of frugal living, it’s just my first week of writing about it. I hope you enjoy my posts and I hope they help you become frugally happy.

So why did I decide to start this blog.  Well it all started with a book called Your Money or Your Life It’s really a book about becoming financially independent.  A friend recommended it on one of her blog posts and as I love to read I downloaded it.

The book really had me focus on what I spent money on and why.  I realized I was spending quite a bit of money on things I really didn’t need and didn’t really want.  I’ve called this mindless buying.

Reading the book made me ask “Do I really want this?”

Now I’m a Law of Attraction Practitioner and I work teaching people to get clear about what they want in order to create the life they really want.  I suddenly realized I was spending quite a bit of my money on things that no way added to my ideal life that I am creating.

So here’s what frugal living means to me.  It means I only buy things I really need or really want and when I do buy, I buy exactly what I want and then use it wisely and love it.

This week I am focusing on Kitchen Roll and Toilet Roll.

Kitchen Roll

Wow, after just half a month of writing everything down that I spend money on and keeping an eye on things like my grocery bills I have realized I get through approximately 2 Kitchen rolls a week which I have been buying usually in packs of 4 at £2.50 per pack of 4.  So that pack will last me 2 weeks.

This means I buy on average 26 packs a year @ £2.50

26 X £2.50 = £65

That’s £65 a year just on kitchen roll and here’s what I use it for.

  • When I chop fruit I use kitchen roll to put the peel on and then throw into the bin.
  • I do the same with some veg too
  • Wipe up spills
  • Wipe dirty faces

I’m sure as time goes by I’ll realize I use it for more ridiculous jobs too.

I have bowls and cutting boards to catch the fruit and veg peelings, I have rags/cloths to wipe up spills and flannels to clean faces.

Estimated saving for the year £65.00.  I think it’s well worth the effort and it’s good for the environment too.

Toilet rolls

My little bit of luxury.  Just to prove that frugal living isn’t about scrimping and saving or cheap and nasty I wanted to add this to my first post.

I believe 100% it is worth buying good quality toilet roll.  My mum bought some cheap toilet roll a few weeks ago and it was 1 sheet thick and you could almost see through it.  You ended up using twice as much if not more and no savings.

Personally I buy quilted toilet rolls, though I find non brand versions just as good as higher priced versions. I use less and it is so much nicer to use.

No saving here but a good buy all the same.  And lets face it we really do need toilet roll so we may as well buy the ones that do the job well.

That’s all for today.  I’d love you to hear from you, please leave your comments about today’s post below.

Happy living.



4 thoughts on “My first week of frugal living

  1. Agree you can’t scrimp on toilet roll. My husband and I do often debate the ‘toilet roll’ thing while stood there choosing. I always win as us ladies are far more delicate!!!

    I haven’t bought kitchen roll for ages now, occasionally miss it!!! When my two were little I invested in two packs of 12 Ikea flannels total cost £1.98 which washed their faces and hands after eating etc and were probably much kinder to them than the packets of baby wipes my friends were getting through. I saved the baby wipes for their bums!!! I still have a few flannels left, my children are now 13 and 11!!!

    Looking forward to your page, saw Erica had mentioned it on Facebook.


    • Thanks so much for your comment Ali. I’ve just had a kitchen roll moment. I took the margarine out of the fridge and there was some on the side of the lid. I turned straight for the kitchen roll to wipe it off. Thankfully I stopped myself and used the cloth instead. All it takes is becoming aware of what we do.
      I have to say this small achievement made me very pleased with myself.

      We have loads of flannels. I grew up with them and I’ve always used them in the bathroom. My son’s 11 now and mostly not so messy as he was when he was small but they still come in handy. I can remember years ago a friend saying that flannels were really old fashioned. I thought it was really strange as it’s just something I’ve always used.

      Hope you enjoy my posts. I’m looking forward to becoming more aware of where my money goes over the coming weeks and months.


  2. Hi Wendy! Great blog 🙂
    Thought I would comment as I’ve also been monitoring my spends this month. I had a few big purchases I was committed to and wanted to ensure I wasn’t wasting money on other things. (Most months I would be puzzled as to where all my money had gone!)
    After some monitoring, I found I was spending more money on “top up shops,” throughout the week buying more milk, bread, bits of ingredients for meals etc. So now I’ve been making a conscious effort to meal plan each week and buy larger amounts of milk which last us much longer. I also found a good alternative to bread-wraps! They last longer and are lower in fat which is a bonus. The only thing I will spend more money on than necessary is meat as it’s much better quality from the butchers 🙂
    It’s quite enlightening watching what you spend, I used to buy a lot online but now I always ask myself, do I need it? (Most of the time I don’t)
    And as a result of being frugal this month, the money I’ve saved will be going towards a concert ticket which is a nice treat and something to look forward to 🙂


    • Thanks for commenting Sarah-Jayne. That’s what Frugal Happiness is all about. Spending money and time on things you really want instead on mindless spending on things that we don’t really want or need. Well done and hope you love the concert.


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